What's In For You

by Danielle M. Maxwell | Category Management | Oct 16th, 2012



Welcome to Our Company expert carrying out arts speaker. Our Company was formed to promote cultural and creative connections for trainees, personnel, professors, citizens and visitors, Pullman and the Palouse, through the discussion of first-rate theatre, music, and efficiency art.Providing programs, Our Company is accountable for center administration, technical labor, staffing, business and fiduciary oversight of these 2 places.

The objective of Our Company is to enhance lives and raise lifestyle in neighborhood, Pullman, the Palouse and area, and Washington state by providing a variety of culturally varied carrying out arts, home entertainment, and associated curricula.Our Company looks for to develop as the center of cultural life on the Palouse and beyond, connecting to varied audiences with top quality creative work to motivate dreams, promote discovery and knowing, and assistance cultural understanding.